Energy Efficiency Programs, Grants & Incentives

As a respected community leader, you are in a unique position to promote energy efficiency. Through the many available programs, grants and incentives promoting green technologies and energy efficiency, you can lead your community to become more eco-friendly, while at the same time, helping to reduce energy consumption and lowering energy bills.

New Jersey's Clean Energy Local Government Program:

Significant financial incentives to integrate energy efficient and renewable energy technologies into new construction, upgrades, and new cooling & heating equipment installations are available for buildings owned by local governments, NJ Colleges and Universities, and 501(c)(3) non-profit agencies. These facilities include offices, courtrooms, town halls, police and fire stations, municipal wastewater facilities, schools, community centers and more.

Energy Efficiency:

Energy Efficiency programs offered by SJG through NJ Clean Energy Program can help residents use energy more efficiently and reduced energy bills.











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