Safe Digging/Call 811

Keep safety in mind when working outside. Make locating lines easy and make a free call to 811 before you dig – it's the law! 

811 is a nationwide number, federally mandated and designated by the FCC, to consolidate all local "Call Before You Dig" numbers. 

Here's what you need to know: 

  • One free call to 811 is all you need to have your public utility lines marked before digging 
  • Marking your utility lines helps prevent harmful accidents and avoids unnecessary expense
  • 811 is for BOTH professional excavators AND homeowners. New Jersey law requires a markout for every digging project – even small do-it-yourself projects like planting trees and shrubs
  • 811 works with local utilities to send a professional locator to mark your public utility lines for free within three business days

Why is it important to call 811 before you dig? 

  • Knowing the approximate location of your buried utility lines helps protect you from injury and other consequences from damaging a buried utility line
  • The depths of utility lines vary and there can be multiple utility lines in the same area
  • Damages to these utility lines can disrupt service to the entire neighborhood, cause injuries and even harm the environment

For more information, download 811's excavation safety brochure or visit 811's website at the link below

Homeowner and Excavating Safety Guide

811 Website

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811: Call Before You Dig

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