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The Summer Surge

The Summer Surge

10 Ways to Save on Air Conditioning Costs This Season

Are you ready for summer? The sunny weather. Long days at the pool. A family trip to the beach. When it comes to the warmer months, there’s a lot to look forward to with the exception of those costly air conditioning bills.

Energy bills can spike during those hot and humid summer months; however, there are several things you can do to prepare for the summer surge. Despite the inevitable increase in energy use, it’s possible to manage your usage more effectively, while still staying cool.

Consider these 10 tips to save on air conditioning costs this season.

  1. Install a smart thermostat. Keep your house warmer than normal when you are away and lower the thermostat setting when you return home and need cooling. Setting your unit to 78 degrees can help cut down on summer utility bills. Check out South Jersey Gas Marketplace for instant rebates on smart thermostats.
  2. Be smart about your thermostat placement. Did you know that if you place a thermostat on an exterior wall, it will read hotter? Avoid installing your thermostat near a heat source, window or door, or in direct sunlight to get a more accurate reading.
  3. Cool down with a fan. Whether you’re supplementing the air conditioning with a fan or only using a fan, you can still keep your house cool without running the A/C unit at full blast. While fans typically use around 1% of the electricity consumed by air conditioners, they are less effective once temps soar above 95 degrees. And don’t forget to turn fans off when a room is not in use!
  4. Plant a tree. This long-term solution can help reduce your energy bills over time. As one of the most efficient ways in limiting heat, trees on your property can block the sun from shining directly onto your house and keep temps slightly cooler.
  5. Install energy saving blinds. During the summer months, the right window treatments can help keep your home cooler. According to the Department of Energy, energy-efficient window treatments can help you “reduce energy loss and lower your heating and cooling bills” by about 30%. 
  6. Schedule an annual checkup. Be sure to have your air conditioner maintained at least once per year. Replace air filters regularly and inspect the coils in your outside system to be sure it isn’t blocked by debris, twigs, or dirt. 
  7. Insulate your home. By closing up all of the little gaps around doorways and windows, you will keep your house airtight – and cooler – all summer long.
  8. Reduce other energy use whenever possible. From cooking on the grill outdoors to washing dishes by hand a few nights per week to air drying your clothes in the sun, you can cut back on those summer electric bills with additional shortcuts.
  9. Invest in an energy efficient air conditioner. Today’s big appliances are adding smart features that enable you to use less energy – and save more money. When it comes time to replace or upgrade your AC unit, consider a high efficiency version.
  10. Check out SJG Energy Efficiency programs available exclusively for SJG customers.

Source: Department of Energy

Save energy and money -- check out SJG Energy Efficiency programs available exclusively for SJG customers.





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