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March into Daylight Saving Time with These Energy Maintenance Tips

March into Daylight Saving Time with These Energy Maintenance Tips

On Sunday, March 10, we turn our clocks and “spring forward” one hour for the start of daylight saving time.   

Did you know that daylight saving time was created to help save energy? It’s true. It’s also a perfect time to reset and renew.

Before the start of spring, many households perform a home safety checkup as part of their overall home maintenance plan. And in today’s world, this to-do list extends far beyond replacing batteries in a smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm. It’s also an opportunity to sync your home automation system and devices.

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors: Batteries should be changed twice a year. Don’t forget to replace smoke detectors every ten years and carbon monoxide detectors every five years.
  • Personal devices: Most of your devices will automatically change their clocks to adjust to daylight saving time but be sure to check the status of automatic time settings.
  • Smart home technology: From automatic lights to smart thermostats to ring cameras, your home settings and devices may need a quick reset with daylight saving time as well.  You will want to adjust the schedules for your smart home technology, even though the clock may automatically reset, the sunlight hours will be different.
  • Security systems: Double check that the correct daylight saving time dates are programmed into your alarm’s control panel. You may need to change the time manually to stay in sync.

Time to make the most of those longer days and warmer temperatures!

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