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Reducing your energy use in 2024 is easy. Consider these 10 simple tips.

Reducing your energy use in 2024 is easy. Consider these 10 simple tips.

Looking for new and easy ways to reduce energy use around the house this year? From how and when you wash your clothes to how you charge your devices, there are many things you can do to save on utility bills.

Laundry is always on the to-do list, and it also uses a lot of energy. According to Energy Star, heating water uses about 90 percent of the energy to operate a clothes washer. To reduce energy, try washing your clothes in cold water as often as possible. And when it comes to drying, consider hang drying garments whenever possible.

Other simple tips to conserve more energy include:

  1. Taking a shorter shower, could help you save annually on hot water expenses.
  2. Unplug all unused devices and small appliances.
  3. Change air filters at least once every three months to save money.
  4. Make sure your furniture is not blocking any heat vents throughout your home.
  5. Charge your laptop and cell phone before 3 p.m. or after 9 p.m.
  6. Reduce thermal energy loss around your windows by using blackout curtains.
  7. Skip the big oven and use your toaster oven to make dinner a few times per week.
  8. Insulate your electric box. Poorly insulated electrical boxes frequently allow cold drafts into your home.
  9. Turn down your water heater. Most manufacturers set the thermostat at 140 degrees. By  turning it down to 120 degrees, you can save energy without noticing the difference.
  10. Don’t let the faucet run continuously while you brush your teeth or shave. This saves water and the energy required to heat it.  
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