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Start the School Year with Easy Energy Savings Ideas for the Whole Family

Start the School Year with Easy Energy Savings Ideas for the Whole Family

Summer was a blast, but now the kids are officially back to school and most of us are back to our regular routine. What better time to shift those energy saving efforts into high gear?

From shopping habits to cooking to transportation, conserving energy is something the whole family can do together with just a few simple tips and reminders.

  • Shop smart. From water bottles and lunch containers to backpacks and school supplies, back to school often means “buying stuff”. But you can reduce the impact of your back-to-school shopping with a few easy choices. Check out these smart shopping tips from
  • Get back to SLOW cooking. Fall is the perfect time to return to a cooking routine, but there’s no need to rely on the oven every day. Save time and energy with a slow cooker meal. Explore more than 50 recipes for your next weeknight dinner.
  • Turn off your car at drop off and pick up. Back to school means often means back to long pick-up lines at school. Whenever possible, give your engine a rest and save gas and energy by turning off your car. Leaving your car running, also known as “idling”, also contributes to air quality and air pollution – another good reason to follow this habit.
  • Unplug. Unplug. Unplug. As the weather changes, so will your after-school routines into the fall months. School tablets, laptops and other devices will get more use now so it’s important to be diligent and unplug. And if you’re buying new items, make sure they are ENERGY STAR® certified. This label means the product will use up to 65% less energy, which can result in lower energy bills.
  • Monitor your thermostat. September can be a tricky month weather wise, but there are still ways to conserve energy despite unpredictable temps. If warmer weather continues, set your cooling unit to a higher temp. And when it starts to get chilly, stay warm by letting in the natural sunlight.

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