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Students Save Energy, Learn Life Lessons

Students Save Energy, Learn Life Lessons
empowered schools

South Jersey Gas is pleased to support EmPowered Schools (formerly PowerSave Schools) for the fourth consecutive year. A hands-on learning program developed by the Alliance to Save Energy, EmPowered Schools uses a STEM curriculum and activities to teach students about the importance of energy efficiency and gives them tools to save energy and money, at home and in school.

Anthony Rossi Elementary School in Vineland is one of several area schools participating in the program, which provides an online platform with video lessons, quizzes, and activities. School teacher Amber Egorov oversees a group of fourth-grade students in the program. “The kids are excited about the program,” says Mrs. Egorov.

Along with videos and quizzes, the students enjoy “the energy assessment tools that measure lighting, and the temperature scanner,” says Mrs. Egorov. “They like logging their energy use at home, and their family’s transportation energy use. They like comparing the points scored and figuring out how they can improve their scores. And, of course, they’re doing it for the right reasons – to help the planet.”

Because they’re engaged in fun activities and see the results of their efforts, students “take ownership over the energy efficiency activities,” says Mrs. Egorov. Moreover, the program helps students develop and apply valuable leadership skills to carry forward in their education and future careers. 

Now in her third year of participating in EmPowered Schools, Mrs. Egorov and her students have made significant achievements: the school plans to install energy-efficient sinks and toilets in restrooms; the team has reduced storm water runoff through two bio-retention gardens they manage; and students are reporting that their families are implementing energy-efficient practices at home. Last year, Mrs. Egorov’s colleagues also cited her group’s performance and impact in an essay nominating her for Teacher of the Year.

“My goal is to spread conservation awareness to my students and their families,” says Mrs. Egorov. “If the whole family learns and carries that learning forward, then as the effort expands, it can become exponential with a positive impact on the environment.” 

By investing in EmPowered Schools, companies like South Jersey Gas can “show the community that energy providers care about the environment and about saving customers money,” says Mrs. Egorov. “Supporting programs like this, partnering with the community, and providing energy in a way that is good for the planet and for customers builds trust between customers and energy companies.” 

EmPowered Schools hosts PK-12th grade schools from across the state. A few spots are still available for the 2021-2022 program. Learn more about the EmPowered Schools program from the Alliance to Save Energy.

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