NJ Energy Choice

You have a choice in deciding your natural gas supplier.

NJ Energy Choice gives consumers the choice to purchase natural gas from a third-party supplier instead of the utility.  SJG encourages you to explore the savings possibilities offered by alternate/third-party suppliers, however, we urge you to use caution when selecting a supplier:

  • Savings offers, contracts, terms and conditions may vary significantly

  • Savings may not always be guaranteed

  • Carefully consider the details before entering into any agreement – read the fine print of the agreement before signing any contract

  • Check Price to Compare (PTC) - calculation using a customer's natural gas usage and the cost per therm for that gas. This number is useful in helping to compare offers from third-party suppliers. SJG will continue to deliver gas to its customers and is the company that customers call if they have problems with their delivery service, regardless of the supplier choice.


Protection Against “Slamming”

Under the state's Energy Competition Law, you cannot be switched to another natural gas supplier without your permission. Unauthorized switching is called "slamming". You must authorize enrollment, so use caution when sharing your account number unless you intend to authorize a third-party supplier.

There are severe penalties against any company engaging in slamming. If you believe your natural gas supplier was switched without your consent, please contact the supplier and call 1.888.776.9900 or email us to ensure that any enrollment or cancellation is verified promptly.

For more information about NJ Energy Choice, click here.

For a list of third-party suppliers, click here.

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