Make the switch to natural gas

Natural gas is coming to your neighborhood.

South Jersey Gas will be extending natural gas lines to your area over three phases. Review the information below to find your address and phase. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for project updates.

Phase 1

2-9 Dumbarton Dr
28-108 Patty Bowker Rd
1-11 Sawmill Rd
1-16 Wimbeldon Way
9-49 Foxchase Rd
1-15 Plymouth Ct
2-36 Waltham Dr
32 - 70 Zimmerman Rd
14-109 New Rd
25-64 Powell Place Rd

Phase 2

2-32 Acorn Dr
1-16 Eldorado Dr
201-245 Oak Ln
1-52 Stevens Ln
1-5 Budd Ct
1-13 Kenmare Dr
71-157 Powell Place Rd
1-20 Yates Ln
3-11 Deer Trl
1-14 Mulberry Ct
1-16 Sherring Way

Phase 3

41-75 Avenue Rd
1-9 Bridlewood Ct
1-19 Log Rd
108- 218 Sooy Place Rd
1-41 Avenue A
2-6 Burr Mill Ct
810-840 Powell Rd
2-7 Sylvan Ct
8-26 Avenue B
1-51 Holly Park Dr
158-214 Powell Place Rd

Project News

Phase 3 Construction Underway
Construction work has begun for Phase 3 of the project. Keep an eye out, you'll see installation crews working in the area. This is an exciting time for Tabernacle residents. If you are part of Phase 3, and you have not submitted an application for service, now is the time to act! Click the "Apply Now" button below.

Participating Contractors

Need help finding a heating and cooling contractor or plumber? Click Here for a list of SJG’s Participating Contractors who can help you install the natural gas equipment inside of your home.


South Jersey Gas is looking forward to bringing safe, reliable, affordable natural gas to your neighborhood.

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