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Get Natural Gas in Your Neighborhood

To bring natural gas to your home, we'll need to find out if there are natural gas pipelines near your property. You can do this at our Availability & Apply page. 

There are two possible situations when having natural gas extended to a residence: 

  1. Pipelines are nearby and you will need to work with South Jersey Gas to install gas service and an HVAC contractor to install natural gas appliances.
  2. Pipelines are not nearby and South Jersey Gas will work with you to extend natural gas pipelines to your area. If this is your situation, you are in the right place!  

In some cases, when a pipeline is not nearby a monetary contribution may be necessary for the extension to take place. If your natural gas conversion requires a contribution, please check out our Road Map to Service.

Whatever your situation, South Jersey Gas will provide you with clear instructions and assistance every step of the way.

Developing An Extension Project

As there are many factors that must be taken into consideration for an extension project, the South Jersey Gas sales team takes a customized approach to each neighborhood or street that is currently unserved by natural gas. 

Please submit an interest form and a sales rep will be in touch to speak to you about any existing or planned extensions for your area.

Natural Gas Extension Projects:



Step 1: Survey for Interest & Collect Applications

South Jersey Gas uses the term “canvassing” to explain our process of extending natural gas pipelines. We develop “canvassing projects” when we are working to extend natural gas to a specific area. 

Prior to moving forward with a canvassing project, South Jersey Gas will send interest mailers and knock on doors to gauge the homeowners' level of interest in switching to natural gas. If the level of interest meets our guidelines, South Jersey Gas sales representatives will meet with homeowners and begin collecting applications for service.   

Step 2: Submit the Project to Engineering

Once a South Jersey Gas Sales Representative has obtained enough applications for service in your area, they will submit the project to our Engineering Department to prepare the design, identify necessary permits and determine the final cost of the project. 

Step 3:  Select a Meter Location

We'll set up an appointment to select a natural gas meter location at your home or business. Your South Jersey Gas Sales Representative will work with you to select the best location for your meter. 

Meter Locations:


Step 4: Mark Out Private Utilities & Lines

Once your meter location is selected, South Jersey Gas will apply for all of the proper permits to install natural gas at your location. 

After South Jersey Gas has scheduled your installation, you will receive notification to mark out all private utilities and lines such as sprinkler systems, septic systems and pet fences. 

South Jersey Gas or our contractor will contact New Jersey’s 811 call system. 811 will notify all public utilities running to your property such as electric, phone, gas, sewer, water and cable companies. Please note that most water and sewer companies only mark the lines to the curb line and the rest are considered the property owner's private utility lines. Markout of private utility lines are the responsibility of the property owner. 

For more on markouts, watch our video below or see our Utility Markouts page. You'll find more details and a list of contractors you may hire to help you with private utility and line markouts. 

Important Notice: Gas service may not be installed if property is not properly marked out.



Step 5: Connect to Pipeline

As a last step, your natural gas service line and meter will be connected to your residence from the new main pipeline on your street and you will be ready to install your natural gas appliances. While we will keep disruptions to a minimum, construction will occur to bring natural gas to your home. Check out our video for more details: 



Property Restoration After Installation

Before you can start using natural gas in your home or business, construction will occur to connect you to our natural gas pipeline. We here at South Jersey Gas know you have concerns about all the digging and excavating  on your property. Our commitment to you is to restore all disruptions on or near your property from your natural gas installation. Please view our video for more details.


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