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High-efficiency products use less energy and can save you money. The South Jersey Gas Smart Energy Partners program is a suite of financial incentive programs designed exclusively for SJG customers to help save energy and money. Learn more.

You can also learn ways to save in five minutes with the FREE Home Energy Analysis.

In the meantime, start saving energy and money with these simple summer tips:


Summer Savings Tips

General Tips

  • Replace heater and air conditioner air filters once a month.
  • Clean air registers to make sure they’re not blocked by furniture, carpeting or drapes.
  • Open your windows on cool evenings; reduce the demand on your cooling system by opening windows and letting fresh air in.
  • Cooking smarter by creating quick meals that require less stovetop and oven time can slice your energy usage.
  • Run ceiling fans to help spread cool air throughout your household and reduce the energy needed to cool your home.
  • Taking cooler showers is refreshing and can help save money.

South Jersey Gas Marketplace

Start saving energy and money with rebates exclusive to SJG customers. Visit
  • Smart thermostats make saving energy simple and convenient – control your energy use from your smartphone, wherever you are.
  • Advanced Power Strips prevent power surges from damaging your electronics. Also, remember to unplug electronics when not in use.
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room. Replace light bulbs with LED lights to save energy when the lights are on.

HVAC Rebates

If you’ve purchased and installed high-efficiency natural gas heating and water heating equipment and you may qualify for one of the rebates. Visit the HVAC Rebate Portal to learn more.

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