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some gas.

Make the switch to natural gas.

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Switch to higher performance.

Faster heating. Longer, stronger showers. More precise cooking.
These are just some of the ways natural gas gives you a higher-performing home. And there’s a lot more to love about natural gas, too.

More Comfortable

Natural gas heats your home faster and more efficiently—giving you the warm, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere you want.

More Reliable

Natural gas is delivered through a direct line to your home, which means you can always count on it to work fast, and work right.


Natural gas produces fewer pollutants when used as a fuel, making it much more environmentally friendly than other fuel sources.

Give your house
some savings.

Natural gas doesn’t just perform better. It costs less.
So not only will you love how your home works, but you’ll love how low your energy costs are, too.


Annual Cost

Savings (%)*†

Natural Gas $1,042
Oil $1,807 42%
Propane $3,191 67%
Electricity $3,210 68%

*Chart assumes use of high efficiency natural gas equipment
†Fuel comparison based on February 2019 EIA data

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