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Helpful info to save money &
use less energy

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Smart Tips for an Energy-Efficient Garden

Make your garden even greener with these energy efficiency and water conservation tips.

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Trick or Treat!

Go green this Halloween with these energy savings tips and tricks!

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Celebrate National Energy Awareness Month with Us!

Celebrate National Energy Awareness Month with these energy saving ideas!

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Fall into Energy Savings with Five Cost-Efficient Tips this Season

Looking for Ways to Conserve Energy this fall? Try these Five Cost-Efficient Tips at Home

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Add these 5 Energy Saving Tips to for Your Fall To-Do List

Don't forget to add these simple energy savings tips to your fall to-do list

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10 Energy Savings Tips for Summer Travel

Before you head out on this year’s summer vacation, be sure to check this list of energy saving travel tips

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Summer Energy Savings Tips

The energy grid is put to test during the hot summer months. How can we keep cool while also reducing our energy costs and usage? include year-round “Smart Thermostat” options

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Cold Facts About Your Refrigerator 

Freeze out waste, save energy & money

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Season of Saving & Support

Resources for those who need help paying utility bills 

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Easy EE Resolutions

Resolve to save energy & money – it's simple!

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Survey Says: Savings Potential!

This quick questionnaire uncovers ways to save 

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True or False? EE Quiz 

Test your knowledge about Energy Efficiency

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It’s EZ to be EE – and FREE!

No-cost, simple tips to save energy & money

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Help is Here: Programs to Manage Energy Costs

Find assistance and solutions to lower, pay energy bills

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Smart Homes Get an A+

Tech that saves energy, time and money 

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Chill Out: Refrigerator EE Tips

Keep cool, conserve and save money!

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Fuel for Thought

Pay less at the pump & save gas

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Keep Your Cool in the Heat

Energy efficiency tips for warm weather

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NJ Communities Go Green

Sustainable Jersey recognizes local municipalities

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Winter Energy Savings Tips

Prepare your home for heating season

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EE Tips for Renters

Save energy & money in your rental home

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Partners in Service & Quality

Local expert contractors at your service 

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Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

Green gift ideas for any occasion 

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Way to Go Green!

SJG is proud to support Sustainable Jersey

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Insulation for Energy Savings

Steps to take if you're considering adding insulation in your home

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Closet Cleanout that's Good for the Planet

Here’s how to repurpose old clothes sustainably

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Recycle Your Cell Phones and Batteries

Drop off locations to transform rather than trash your tech

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8 Basic Tips to Start Saving Energy

Easy ways to be more energy-efficient now

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Less Waste, More Trees

It's the perfect time to make a small change that has a big impact on the environment - Paperless Billing

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Vampire Load is Real – Scary!

Take a bite out of energy waste 

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